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Building on a 115 year legacy of innovation by the Blattner family, Blattner Tech's mission is to be the leading provider of services and tools in the Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning industry.

Meet Superwise - AI Operating System

Our mission is to be a one-stop-shop of ML tools for engineering teams to rapidly develop, observe, safeguard, & deploy AI products for their organizations and customers. It's the only platform that's easy to start with and scales seamlessly.

Meet Superwise - AI Operating System

Our mission is to be a one-stop-shop of ML tools for engineering teams to rapidly develop, observe, safeguard, & deploy AI products for their organizations and customers. It's the only platform that's easy to start with and scales seamlessly.


Build & launch ML & Gen AI use cases within minutes, not months.


Get 360 visibility into data, ML, & Gen AI so you can improve business results.  


Build in security and privacy measures to protect your business & users from bad actors and outcomes.


Tailor data and models to fit your domain & business requirements to maximize competitive edge while minimizing costs.

Our Reach

Over 300 resources and 7 companies in our growing portfolio of data, analytics, and  AI/ML assets.

BOSS AI. The leading provider of Enterprise AI solutions and the only platform offering Federated Machine Learning — all powered by

LoadSpring Solutions. The world leader in delivering expert project management and controls-focused cloud platform solutions utilized throughout the entire project lifecycle.

OtherLeft. A strategic design and innovation consultancy leveraging human-centered design to create digital products that deliver profitable growth for business.

Superwise. A machine learning model monitoring, observability, optimization, and incident investigation software that integrates  with any ML stack and communication tool of your choice.

Global Footprint. Widely recognized for its global integration solutions that connect services, applications, and data stores, enabling companies to streamline data flows and enhance operational efficiency.

Jigsaw Security. A renowned provider of cyber threat intelligence services providing continuous, near real-time cyber security indicators, enabling organizations to detect and respond to threats quickly and efficiently.

DevDigital specializes in transformative technology solutions, offering strategic and design consulting, software development, mobile app creation, and website design services.




Businesses who build an AI culture today will increase market share and develop a significant competitive advantage. At the intersection of digital transformation and business growth, Blattner Tech's products, services and strategies help organizations thrive as the world becomes increasingly more digital.

Predictive Innovation Goes Beyond Digital Transformation 

Digital Transformation is converting information into a digital format to enable process automation and setup enterprise visibility into data. The focus is on identifying the data, determine if it’s the right data, and looking backward and what happened.

Where digital transformation ends, Predictive Innovation begins by focusing on transforming data into information used to predict how the organization can better operate. It answers the questions: Why it happened, what will happen next time, and what do we do if it happens?

Organizations Today Need a Predictive Innovation Model

Organizations Today Need a Predictive Transformation Model


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Lack the required data science and engineering skills needed to deliver AI solutions


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Data silos are the biggest technology barrier to AI success


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Do not have the Framework and approach for human review of AI decisions and actions

Our Services

With our project delivery services, we help you manage complex initiatives from concept to completion. Using our team of experts, and our product solutions across a variety of domains, we deliver solutions that increase your revenue and your bottom line.



Tailored cyber security strategies for your operations to ensure optimal business protection against threats

Project & Portfolio Management

Working with your team, we select, prioritize and control your projects for maximum success.

Data and Analytics Essentials

From data identification, cleansing, transformation and governance we help clients prepare for the 4th industrial revolution. 


Helping organizations adopt AI and achieve a competitive advantage through Enterprise AI platforms.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

With the only commercially available Federated Machine Learning solution on the market, we are the next generation of ML.


A framework designed to help organizations take advantage of predictive AI to ultimately transform how their business operates.

Empowering Industries to Unlock New Innovations

Federal Government

  • Better Health Services
  • Stronger National Security
  • Smarter Energy Management

Healthcare & Life Sciences

  • Drug development
  • Population health
  • Image Diagnostics
  • Personalized Patient Care

Financial Services

  • Risk management
  • Fraud detection
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Insurance claims automation


  • Supply chain optimization
  • Equipment predictive maintenance
  • Automation/Robotics/IOT


  • Driver assistance and safety
  • Autonomous and connected vehicles
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Improving manufacturing and supply chain


  • Smart Homes, Meters and Grids
  • Coordination of maintenance work
  • Electricity trading and forecasting

Supply Chain Management

  • Demand forecasting
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Procurement
  • Supplier performance

Construction & Transportation

  • Track real-time interactions of workers, machines, objects on site
  • Increase safety, reduce traffic congestion
  • Avoid cost and schedule overruns

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