January 20

Blattner Tech Acquires Superwise to Expand its Predictive Transformation™ Capabilities

Blattner Technologies announced it has acquired Superwise, a leader in Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), helping companies monitor, maintain and improve machine learning models in production. Adding Superwise to the family of companies, Blattner Tech can now serve organizations who have mature AI/ML capabilities, firmly positioning Blattner Technologies as the leader in Predictive Transformation™.

Superwise, a leader in the AI/ML community, provides model monitoring, incident investigation, and model optimization within minutes. It integrates with any ML stack and your communication tools of choice, giving users the ability to observe and monitor production ML models, investigate and fix incidents as they occur, and optimize them according to business needs.

Superwise, a leader in the AI/ML community, provides model monitoring, incident investigation, and model optimization.

"As artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent in business processes across the globe, there is an increasing demand for organizations to use AI successfully," says Russell Blattner, CEO of Blattner Tech. Blattner adds, "These factors are driving demand for platforms like Superwise which give companies the ability to implement AI projects without needing extensive internal resources or specialized skill sets."

Oren Razon, CEO of Superwise says, "We're thrilled to be joining Blattner Tech portfolio of companies with Superwise's leading model observability platform. This marks a great opportunity to accelerate MLOps value for all our customers with our shared capabilities and solutions throughout the machine learning lifecycle to ensure enterprises see business value from AI."

With this acquisition, Blattner Tech now offers comprehensive solutions spanning all phases of the predictive analytics lifecycle including data identification and preparation, model development and deployment, ongoing model maintenance and improvement, as well as long term value creation and insights discovery.

About Blattner Technologies

Building on a 115-year legacy of innovation by the Blattner family of companies, Blattner Technologies is on a mission to be the leading provider of Predictive Transformation services and tools in the Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning industry.


About Superwise

Superwise is a model observability platform built for high-scale production ML. Giving practitioners fully automated, enterprise-grade model monitoring capabilities that take years to develop in-house, wrapped in a self-service platform. Initially backed by leading deep-tech venture capital firms, F2 Venture Capital and Capri Ventures, Superwise pioneered model observability with one of the first commercially available ML monitoring platforms.



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